Ari Serrano/The New Wave. By Jahmane. Today, the title creative genius is applied to almost anyone willing to go the extra mile, creating eye-catching, click-baiting social media content. Regardless of whether these geniuses are actually talented or not is up for debate. Nevertheless, the greater the illusion of genius, the greater the response. There are, however, a multitude of creatives who back up their content with extraordinary talent. Ari Serrano is one such individual.Everything about Ari Serrano is unorthodox, so I didn’t expect our interview to be anything less. If you haven’t come across his avant-garde, upcycled remixes of todays fashion industry anywhere in cyberspace, then this introduction will be even more stimulating. At first glance, the 27-year-old Norwalk native comes off as a shy, somewhat apprehensive millennial. Depending on his wardrobe choice of the day, one’s first impression of Serrano could range from hip-hop nomad to punk plushie cos-player to thrift store pirate and hundreds of other various interpretations of who he is. Yet, underlying every manifestation of his nonconformist sense of style exists a true creative genius. #jahmane #ariserrano @ _ariserrano_ #norwalkct #streetwear #fashiondesigner