Tackling Discrimination Through Theater. With the U.S. premiere of the Brazilian “Tom Na Fazenda,” The Quick continues to urge audiences to open their minds. By Kristin L. Wolfe. Sometimes headlines across a news screen aren’t enough to engage us with the gravity of an issue. Discrimination and violence have sadly become an uncomfortable norm, and unless we are personally or directly affected by what we see, we often feel disconnected, helpless, or simply unsure what to do. The upcoming production of Tom Na Fazenda (Tom at the Farm) at Fairfield University’s Quick Center for the Arts by the Brazilian troupe, Galharufa Produções, is likely to hit a chord. The performance is an important conversation starter, sure to move audiences and perhaps call them to action. #thequick #thequickcenter #fairfielduniversity #discrimination #tomatthefarm #tomnafenza #MichelMarcBouchard #lgbtq