Middle Eastern Jewel A magic lamp calls to our Foodie King and, in a puff of spice,  out comes a genie at the exciting Safita. BY MIKE MACKEY I t’s hard to believe, but I have now been writing restaurant reviews for the FC Beat for five years and, once again, I find myself focusing on an obscure place, one that I passed by for many, many months. I always sensed some mojo emanating from Safita, as is typical with many of my most treasured discoveries. It seemed to beckon to me each time I drove by. Now that I have experienced it, I pause over my keyboard trying to decide if I want to let the secret out. Here, again, is small, hidden gem. The 35-seat restaurant is billed as “Contemporary Middle Eastern Cuisine.” And while few culinary genres leave me groping for adjectives, this one does. I will do my best to convey the use of the subtle and singular imported spices and seasonings contained in these dishes, but know this: this is some SERIOUSLY good food. Jamal and Amal Hassoun.