Jennifer Mongeluzo The Pilates Centre. Laura Krout Norwalk Boot Camp. Michelle Abruzzesse Work It Dance and Fitness.  Pretty fierce. Three norwalk-based  fitness professionals you’ll fall in love with… while they’re kicking your ass. By geri zatcoff. Never did one hundred and ten pounds look so fierce, so strong, so lean, and so beautifully feminine at once. Make no mistake: these three norwalk-based fitness divas may come in small, pretty packages, but they are anything but dainty. The fitness options they offer are as diverse as they are, but when it comes to passion, they’re all on the same page. Jen is a master of pilates. Michelle is a skilled and talented dance instructor. Laura teaches a hard-core boot camp. Each is surprisingly tough and each takes the job of getting you fit seriously…very seriously. Beautiful as they are, in fact, each of them will kick your ass, and before you know it, you’ll be begging for more.